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At Vox Erotic, Our Goal is to Provide Our Clients with a
High-End Erotic Phone Sex Fantasy Experience

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Advanced Fantasy Exploration through Phone Sex

There is a stigma associated with commerical phone sex. When one brings up the subject of phone sex, often times the first thought that comes to mind is a woman on the other end of the phone, moaning and groaning.

Phone sex and fantasy exploration is so much more than making a few noises on the phone. In fact, a good phone sex operator can bring the client's fantasy to life. Phone sex workers are not just woman and men who moan on cue. They are intelligent business people who are experts in their field. A skilled phone sex operator (or "artist") can visually describe the scene, the room, even the smells and the fabrics. When you describe your fantasy to the operator, they make you feel as if you are living it out in that phone session.

Exploring the Taboo with Phone Sex

There are so many fantasies to explore. Some fantasies are taboo, and a client would never do it in the real world, yet they are still very sexually stimulating. For example, a client may want to have a threesome with his wife and another woman - or another man. This may be a subject that either one, he has brought up to his wife and has been turned down, or two, he could never even broach the subject with his wife. That is where the phone sex operator comes into play. Using an additional phone sex operator, for a two girl call, the two woman explore and act out that client's three somefantasy.

There are other topics as well that a client may be thinking about doing in real time. The client may have already delved into the actual reality of it. These topics may include feminization and cross dressing. There are man men who are secretly dressing as a woman, or who are wearing female garments under their normal attire. In this matter, the clients often call for advice on how to feel more like a woman. Since they are secretly living this life, their only outlet is to talk to someone that will be helpful and will not judge them. These men often seek out advice on makeup, clothing, and even on the topic of their love life. While some only want girl talk, others actually want to live out a phone fantasy where they are being seduced or are seducing someone of the same sex. Still others call to just tell you about what things they actually did, while dressed up as a female.

Fetish and Phone Sex

Some topics are a little more on the fetish side. There are those clients that like to be humiliated. This is when the phone sex Mistress actually gets humiliate,talk down, or laugh at the client, and its perfectly alright. The client actually asks the operator to make fun of them and make them feel like nothing.

More than just "Moan and Groan"

GOOD phone sex actually takes a lot of work and talent. Its never just a matter of turning on the phone and waiting for it to ring. The better companies have operators that are skilled in many areas. Not only does the operator need to be skilled in many topics and fetishes, they also need to be able to write, and hold down a conversation, whether it be in an email or in a chat room.

Many clients will email their fantasy and ask the worker if they are comfortable with the topic. It is then up to the operator to give the client a session so realistic, that they almost feel as if they are there.

Phone Sex for First-Timers

Some clients have actually never called a phone sex service before. Once they finally take the plunge and dial that number, it is up to the worker to show them that they made a good decision by calling. The new clients often tell the operator that they are feeling nervous and anxious. It is up to the operator to make them feel at ease and comfortable. A good phone sex worker will talk to the client and let them guide where the conversation is going, unless the client specifies differently. To be successful in this industry, you need to be a good listener first and foremost. You have to listen and hear the needs and desires of the client, even if that means reading between the lines.

There are many clients who have said, she didn't listen too me. She just moaned on cue. That is something a a worker never wants said about them. When a client, especially a new one, clicks with an operator, there is the potential to develop a good working relationship that can last quite a while.

Finding Your Phone Sex Artist, and Growing a Fantasy

There are frequently times when a fantasy will take on a life of its own. The client and the phone sex operator may have a session that will continue and grow into many sessions, after the initial one. Sometimes a client wants to continue with a particular fantasy because it is something he is vicariously living out through the operator he is speaking with. He often needs to step outside his life, for however long the session is, to relieve some stress, or to do something in his fantasy, he could otherwise never do. Often looks forward to these advanced sessions, and it is the ability of the operator, that makes them wanting more.

Phone Sex is All In the Details!

The more realistic the phone sex worker makes the session for the client, the better. The client wants and needs to feel as if they are right there with the operator. There are many ways to describe a scene, and the more descriptive the worker is to the client, all the better.If a worker describes herself as tall, blonde, and busty, that could be anyone in the world. A good fantasy artist takes their time and gives detail. They will tell the client the texture of their hair, even how it smells. This will give the client a visual that helps set the scene for their ultimate fantasy.

The difference in a phone sex call and the ultimate phone sex fantasy, is what both parties make out of it. It is up to both the caller to describe their fantasy, and up to the phone sex operator, to to help them live it out. Phone sex although often stereotyped, is so much more then a moan and a groan. It is the difference between a good call and the ultimate fantasy that is unimaginable.........

For phone sex sessions with the author, Ms Taylor, call 800-356-6169. Click the links above to explore our site, and to learn more about our "advanced fantasy phone sex sessions".

Call Us Toll Free at 800-356-6196

(2.75 per minute, billed to your major credit card)
and we will recommend a phone fantasy specialist
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Calls are 2.75 per minute with a minimum of 10 minutes. Calls may be billed to your Visa/MC/Amex or Discover. Please visit our Sessions page (click the link on the menu at the top of this page) for details on 1 hour discounted rates and alternative payment methods.

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Sci-Fi Fantasies Teacher/Student Roleplay
Doctor/Nurse/Patient Roleplay

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