Phone Sex: Please Her while you Please Yourself

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How to help your phone sex partner enjoy herself too

phone sex Melanie

Often times a client who calls a phone sex service will say to the phone sex operator, that he wants her to enjoy the call as well. Some phone sex calls can be more enjoyable than others. It often depends on both parties having a good rapport. Now granted, there are those calls that the phone sex operator may do all or the majority of the talking. She may be asked to tell a story, or the client may be in an atmosphere that he or she can not respond. It is after all the client's prerogative to participate in the phone call or not.

If a client does choose to participate in the phone sex call, it can be a fun, enjoyable and often memorable experience for both parties. Sometimes a client will ask the phone sex worker what fantasy he/ she enjoys. This leaves it up to the operator to choose or suggest something to the client, that would be pleasing to both.

Phone Sex Roleplay? Or Acting Out your Phone Sex Call

Once a topic is chosen for the fantasy, the next decision to be made is whether or not it is going to be a role play or just acted out in a session.

Some topics are easier than others, should both of you decide on a role play scenario. The client may ask the phone sex operator what is her/ his favorite role play. There are many different options to choose from. For example, there are role plays of a boss and secretary, landlord and tenant, or a housewife and a handyman. These type of role plays are often on more of the vanilla basis, and are easily acted out.

There are topics that are a bit darker and a bit more extreme, depending on the client's taste. If the caller is into domination, he may choose to call a company that has mistresses or dominate women taking the calls. Most of the time a submissive male calls these types of services and is looking for a dominant female to take control of him and tell him what to do. These calls are often very enjoyable for both parties. Usually, the man is either submissive in real life, or holds a position of power, and for relief, wants to relinquish power to someone else.

Who Calls Phone Sex?

These are not the only types of callers that may call services catering to domination. Men who wish to be feminized or who are cross dressers, also will call in for these services. Calls that allow the phone sex operator to feminize or dress up the client are extremely enjoyable. Think back to when you may have played dress up or beauty salon, when you were young. This call is on the same lines as that, except you get to do it with a live person, instead of a doll. The client enjoys it because it may be his lifestyle and he needs some hints or advice. The client may also enjoy it, because it is a secret and you are allowing him to explore it without prejudice.

We then move on to the calls that are even more extreme in nature. There are callers who like to be verbally or physically humiliated. They may ask that you have them do things in public that will cause others to laugh at them. These calls can be fun for the phone sex worker because you get to be mean, and vent on the caller. Sometimes it can be very enjoyable to let it all out and still give the caller the fantasy they desire.

Phone Sex: It Doesn't Have To Be All About Sex...

Sometimes the caller is in need of some company and simply wants to chat. There are many callers that travel on business, are single, or just feeling a bit lonely if there significant others are away. These clients are looking to have a conversation about non sex related topics. Sometimes the client is looking for an opinion on something, other times they might just want to discuss current events, or to hear about the phone sex worker's life. It can be a nice change of pace for the operator to find out about the client on a non sexual level, as well.

Regardless of the topics, most clients and operators enjoy an give and take relationship. No matter what the topic or fantasy up for discussion, most of the time it is a great experience for both.

One other way to ensure a great call for both parties is to incorporate props, toys or even a third party. Two girl calls make the phone sex call experience even better. Some clients have regular workers that they call up to several times per week. On one or more of those occasions, they may ask the phone sex operator to choose the second girl to participate in the call. Or in the same instance, the client may choose the second girl himself to participate.

Once the two girl call is set up, the trio usually has a blast. Some callers who have never done a two girl call before, often get addicted, and incorporate it into regular sessions. Having another party on the line to add to the fantasy, usually fuels the session to explore areas that may never have been discussed before.

We Want to Enjoy Your Call Too

It is always pleasant to have a client feel responsible for a phone sex operator's pleasure and enjoyment. While not necessary to worry or concern themselves about the enjoyment of the phone sex operator, it can be a refreshing change. Not all callers are in tune to giving enjoyment to the worker, or are they required to be. But when a caller insists on the phone sex operator receiving as much enjoyment as he or she, it is an added bonus. Not only are they doing their job, but they are feeling a little special for doing the absolute best call for that client.

With wonderful clients, that also think of the needs of the phone sex operator, it makes the position even more rewarding.

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Call Us Toll Free at 800-356-6196

(2.75 per minute, billed to your major credit card)
and we will recommend a phone fantasy specialist
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