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You Never Know...Maybe She Likes Phone Sex Too...

By Ms Dusty of Vox Erotic

There are many couples that have deep, meaningful, caring relationships. It is also very normal for couples to fantasize about their sex life. It does not necessarily mean they are bored, or that they are not already fulfilled sexually. It just means they want to keep the fire burning, you know, add some spice. This is a very healthy thing for couples to do.

Fantasizing together can be erotic. It brings passion to the relationship; therefore it brings the couple closer together, emotionally. Creating excitement and romance can strengthen the bond and intimacy between the couple.

One way couples often envision their fantasy is to bring a third person into their sex life. These feelings are completely natural in a committed-relationship. Maybe they like to fantasize about having a three-some, or even a four-some. Some couples might like to role-play. But they are unsure of how to initiate it. Or maybe they are shy when it comes to their sexual fantasies. They may just need someone to help them envision their fantasy. The sexual possibilities are endless when it involves your imagination.

However, it is also very common that some couples don't want to actually jeopardize their happy, monogamous relationship by fulfilling this fantasy. They think if they go through with this fantasy of bringing another person in. Ultimately, it could create problems within the relationship. Some problems that could arise are: jealously, resentment, trust issues, and anxiety, just to name a few. Couples are only human beings with strong emotions tied in. They fear they will get their feelings hurt and although, it can be easy to forget, it is not always so easy to forgive. The three-some could create bad memories that won't go away. This is also completely natural. How would you feel watching your partner with another person?

Phone sex could be the perfect alternative to all this. It would alleviate all the heartache and drama that would come from a real physical encounter. In fact there would be no physical risk at all, except for what the couple does to each other. This is something the couple can do together, intimately. Some men or women have a difficult time developing a story about their sexuality to act out, and some are just plain scared when it comes to talking about what they desire sexually. This is when a phone sex operator can help. People who are embarrassed or self-conscious, can easily express their deepest desires to someone they do not know. After all, it is anonymous.

Should you and your partner call for phone sex? Most people that call phone sex operators love that fantasy element. This would actually be the perfect opportunity for couples to set-up their ideal, perfect sexual fantasy. If you think about it, the more creative the couple's fantasy; the more stimulating and erotic the sex is. In turn, this could definitely have the potential to strengthen the couple's bond.

So, if you and your partner have had discussions together, about how erotic and hot it would be to have a three-some. Or if you just fantasize about it as a couple, but know that it will probably never happen; phone sex could be the way to go. You should first communicate with each other and find out exactly what your fantasies are. Then try to imagine a fantasy together that you both would find sexually stimulating. Whether it would be using the phone sex op as a participant, or as an audience, it would be a passionate and seductive encounter for you and your partner.

One question the couple might have is "How do we communicate our fantasy to the phone sex operator?" Well, they do have an advantage, they don't have to try and prepare a speech or anything for the operator, they call the male or female operator and they are ready to go. The operator is completely ready to chat with the couple about sex. So, the couple should just be open and honest about their desires.

What are some types of fantasies the couple can talk about? Ok, now we get to the fun stuff. Remember the phone sex operator is already ready for sex and will listen to whatever you want to do. The couple could put on a show for the operator, while the two of them are engaging in mutual masturbation. They could actually have sexual intercourse while having an audience. They can get a web cam, if the couple is into being watched while engaging in sex. This could be extremely erotic. (Just make sure the service you call, is allowed to watch you on webcam.) As mentioned before, if the couple is into threesomes, they could act out a role-play scenario in which the three of them are talking sexually and explicitly amongst each other.

Meanwhile, the couple is engaging in some steamy fore-play. Or if one of them has always wanted to watch their partner be with another person, this could be the perfect opportunity to listen in, while they are talking dirty and describing what they would do to each other, while the other is masturbating or playing with their partner. These are just some simple suggestions. When you are unable to see the third person in your fantasy, the possibilities for phone sex are unlimited.

Another option for adventurous couples would be to sign up with a service and do phone sex calls together, as the operators. Or even go into business for them. If a couple has a fantasy about performing for an audience, which many do. This could be an extremely erotic experience. Plus, they could get paid, for living out their fantasies. You can't beat that.

Overall, phone sex could be a great addition to a couple's sex life. There are many positive advantages for couples to try phone sex. It could definitely be positive for the relationship. This could be something that they do together. It would be something new and different, something to add a little spice. It could also give the couple some ideas when it is the just the two of them; they could relive that erotic fantasy all over again. Not too mention all of the intense and possibly multiple orgasms that could arise from this. If you have never tried phone sex as a couple, you should definitely give it a try!

Written by: Ms. Dusty

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