Phone Sex Doubletake: The Pleasures of "Two Girl Calls"

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Enjoying a Two Girl Call: Double the Phone Sex Fun

By Ms Sarah of Vox Erotic

Whether you are a Phone Sex connoisseur or just a beginner then a session with more than one Phone Sex Artist is a great way to expand on your experience. Two female voices are much better than just one. It is true that it lacks the one on one interaction between the Phone Artist and the caller, but it does definitely allow a more surreal experience for fantasies involving 2 or more women.

Important things to consider when you have a session with more than one Phone Sex Artist:

Choosing the operators for the call.

  • Knowing the specialties of each operator or having the necessary assistance needed to ensure you are matched with operators that are compatible with your needs.
  • Understand that Phone Sex Calls that involve 2 Phone Sex Artists does not just make the call more pleasurable for the caller, but just as much fun for the Operators as well.
  • Each Artist brings with them their unique experience and talents into the session.
  • Be honest about your desires during your session and that will make the difference in an even better session.
  • Are you nervous? If you are then so say so. Remember, the Artists are professionals. You will open up and relax in no time.

The most popular phone sex fantasy is masturbation in the company of a woman and of course any man loves to make that happen. When a man calls he will have a much different experience than he ever would with just one Artist. The largest fetish that men seem to have is being watched and listened to while masturbating. You, the man wants to hear a woman's voice. Men are such visual creatures. Allow yourself to melt into the two voices you hear on that phone and most of all have fun.

Some examples of possible fantasies that can be fulfilled as well as prove that two sexy voices are better than one:

  • Public Masturbation in front of a group of women.
  • Allowing the women to control your masturbation and even told how you will be allowed to cum.
  • Intensified orgasm denial with the pleasurable sound of two women on the other end.
  • Public Humiliation is very much ensured when you are made to perform embarrassing acts for two women instead of just one. The humiliation fetish is very real to the men who love it. When a woman laughs at them it causes great sexual arousal. Imagine 2 women laughing to help you better understand the unlimited pleasure that will be received.
  • Willfully or being coerced to pleasure two women by any means necessary. Do you get pleasure from giving pleasure even more so than receiving it yourself? Is it important for you to please the woman first? Well then, orally pleasure your Phone Sex Artists. Give them a massage. Wait on them both hand on foot. The pleasure of serving and pleasing two women is the one thing not needed to explain. It's just an experience for all to enjoy.
  • Domination - Two women dominating a man is intensified. One Mistress can make the sub serve the other while she is right there with you.
  • Submission - Dominating more than one woman at a time. They are the male caller's willing servants and more than one is willing to please.
  • Voyeur - You like to listen to women acting out role play.
    *Any type of role play perhaps involving a neighbor, teacher, or a boss. Role play can get the creative juices flowing for the calling and the two sexy women on the other end of the phone.

Do not be afraid to ask the service you are calling for assistance in choosing your two Phone Sex Artists if you are unsure. They are there to assist you. The man who calls is the customer. The Phone Sex Artists are the professionals. How ever it is all about the fun all of those involved will have during the experience.

Written by Mistress Sarah: 1-800-356-6169

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Call Us Toll Free at 800-356-6196

(2.75 per minute, billed to your major credit card)
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