What is a Vore Fetish?

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What is a Vore Fetish?

Imagine you are a small man who is being hunted by a woman. She is voracious and is looking to eat human flesh. Your human flesh. Her mouth is enticing, yet terrifying, but all of this turns you on in a way you never thought possible. The fantasy is overwhelmingly exciting to you as you think of another eating you. Welcome to the world of voraphilia - you have been bitten by the vore fetish bug.

Voraphilia is a fetish that is about being eaten alive or eating another creature alive. Most with this fetish love the thought of being devoured by a sexy woman and the fetish can manifest in a variety of different ways, morphing into other fetishes, such as, roleplay, sploshing, and giantess fetish(to name just a few), that go along nicely with voraphilia.

The giantess fetish fits in nicely with voraphilia as some men love to imagine themselves as very tiny - perhaps an inch tall - and the mouth of a woman wrapping around them is very arousing. Some like to be completely devoured and swallowed, whole, whilst others like to be chewed up and eaten.

Furries also fit in nicely with the voraphilia fetish as furries like to dress up in furry animal costumes and love to engage in “animalistic” behavior. Some furries love to engage in the voraphilia fetish, while others don’t find as much appeal to it.

According to urbandictionary.com, there are generally two types of vore - hard and soft. Soft voraphilia is a much more common fetish as there is generally no blood, and the eaten gets swallowed whole. Hard voraphilia is much more graphic - resulting in chewing, blood, and ripping of flesh. This is the least common of vore.

Does any of this sound enticing to you? Are you into vore? Love the thought of a woman’s mouth completely devouring you? If so, we have ladies on the Vox Erotic Staff who will cater to your specific fetish at voxerotic.com.