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What would happen if, when you close your eyes you could actually visit your fantasy? A place where you can feel the lushness of desire and envelope yourself in the texture of want. You could run your fingers over the fabric of your own need and share every minute with someone who understands. Can you breathe life into the images in your head and experience them as deeply as though it were happening "live"?

Live your fantasy

There's a reason you fantasize. It's a secret desire for something "more" than what you have in your every day life ... a way of escaping to something that is separate and allows you to suspend your reality for a while. Sometimes, it's an exploration of something you've never done before; a fetish that you can't explore with anyone in your day to day life. (Fact, some of the most dominant men in the world fantasize about being down on their knees for a powerful woman) Other times, it's a well-honed fantasy that you've enjoyed many times before and you just need that "fix" to get you through the rest of your day. Whichever it is, you're here now and I'd like to share in your fantasy with you.

Indulge my fantasy

Certainly you'll take the time to peruse my blog, or perhaps you've been sent here after a visit to the ladies of LiveHelp, who suggested I might be a good fit for your fantasy. And perhaps you are hesitant because my personality comes across as being quite strong and aggressive but there's something that intrigues you. Let me clarify ... I am a strict Mistress. You'll see evidence of that in my Femdom Tumblr, my blog and almost anyone you ask will confirm but that is not something you should be afraid of.

The Alpha Female

A dominant woman is someone in control of her sexuality, who understands desire and embraces it ... and can help you to do the same. I have expectations of those who call me, certainly ... but when you relinquish control and allow a woman like myself to lead you, it can open new desires and opportunities you didn't even know were possible.

Whether you subscribe to being a submissive male or just a kinky guy, I can draw you into a woven fantasy of word and sensation that will make you feel like you are inside your own cravings.



Sexy Tempting Dominatrix in Vivid Art Costume with Chili Pepper

Erotic Confessions


Some sexual fantasies are meant to be shared and enjoyed by two (or more!) Sometimes, our sexual fantasies are somewhat embarassing, socially “strange”, or just not something we’re comfortable sharing with another person. But erotic fantasies have a way of demanding attention. You long to confess your erotic secrets to another person. A person you can trust. A person who shares your interest in this secret fantasy. VoxErotic is the perfect place to make your Erotic Phone Sex Confession.


Erotic Thoughts that Cannot Be Ignored


Having an active imagination and fantasy life can be very healthy. There are times in our lives when the pursuit of opportunities to actually live out our fantasies may be impractical. But our fantasies have a way of demanding attention and fulfillment. Whether this fulfillment comes in the form of viewing videos and pictures of our fantasy subject, reading erotic stories, or simply using our imagination during solo masturbation, our fantasies quite often, and sometimes quite intrusively and pervasively, demand our attention. Efforts to suppress or ignore our secret desires often fail.


Vox Erotic: Far More than “Just Phone Sex”


VoxErotic Phone Sex Fantasies

If your fantasies involve another person (and fantasies almost always do!), one logical way to explore them is with a phone sex partner. Phone sex often gets a bad rap. Those who have never called a high-quality phone sex service like Vox Erotic may have the impression that all phone sex artists are not that articulate or creative, that they’re just going through the moaning and heavy breathing and dirty talking motions with little interest or involvement.


When Vox Erotic was formed in 2002, one of our primary goals was to bring together fantasy artists who believed that, when done right, phone fantasy can be the perfect outlet for an extremely wide variety of erotic desires. Our Fantasy Artist selection process involves consideration of the potential Fantasy Artist’s education, professional background, writing and creative skills, and an assessment of her ability to be a fascinating, engaging, well-rounded conversationalist.


Helping You Select the Perfect Phone Fantasy Partner


Girl with a vintage phoneUsing these criteria to select the best phone Mistress available, we have brought together some of the sexiest, most intelligent and creative ladies in the Phone Fantasy industry. To further increase the satisfaction of our clients, we have devised an extremely effective process to help you select the ideal fantasy artist for your desires and preferences: the Pre-Call Questionniare.


Our questionnaire presents questions to determine your preferences for voice, style, age, personality, and knowledge of various fantasies. We also ask the time of day you usually call, whether you prefer to engage in email and Instant Message communication before and between your calls, and various other questions that will help us discern which of our dozens of fantasy artists will be perfect for you.


To submit your Pre-Call Questionnaire, visit our Phone Sex Fantasy site at www.voxerotic.com, and select the “Recommendations” link from the menu.



Call 800-356-6196 for your Free Pre-Call Consultation


If you’d like to receive a recommendation immediately, we invite you to call 800-356-6169 and our Concierge will ask you some questions, and provide you with a selection of ladies tailored to your specific needs and preferences.


“But Phone Sex is Just Not for Me…”
You may have tried phone sex services in the past, and found the experience unfulfilling, the phone artist seemingly disinterested or unengaged, the whole experience failing to meet your expectations. We invite you try try just one more time, the Vox Erotic way. And we offer this opportunity with no risk to you:


Try us for a 10 minute introductory session, and if you find that the experience is just not what you’re hoping it will be, we will not charge you for the session. We’re able to offer this unique opportunity without operating at a loss, because we’re almost never asked to waive our fee for a dissatisfied client.


Yes, our Erotic Phone Sex Fantasy Artists are that good.



Vox Erotic: For the Phone Sex Fantasy Connoisseur…


And if you know that Erotic Phone Fantasy is something that you enjoy (when done right!), we offer you the same service: We understand that sometimes it takes a while to find the fantasy artist that’s the perfect fit for you. If you find yourself on a call that’s just not working out, politely end the call and return to Concierge, and we’ll help you select a different Artist.



Begin the Exploration…


So what fantasy has been on your mind lately? What sexy scenario has piqued your curiosity? How long has it been since you’ve totally indulged your desires and been swept away in a wave of erotic imagination? However long it’s been – it’s been too long. And right now is the perfect time to begin a new fantasy exploration, with a perfect phone fantasy partner. Give us a call. We’ll give you, and your fantasies, the attention and perfection you deserve.