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Erotic Confession Phone Sex – Do you have a secret fantasy no one knows about?  Perhaps your fantasy is so naughty, you’re afraid to tell it to anyoneRest assured: your secret will be safe with us, and we won’t judge you. We provide you with an open invitation to confess what’s on your mind, and enjoy sharing your fantasy.

BDSM Collars Collars can keep you focused on the fact that you are truly the submissive and if we like, we can attach a leash and really have you right where we want you.

How to Have the Best Phone Sex Experience  –  Phone sex entertainers are not mind readers. The more descriptive you are in explaining your fantasy, the better phone sex call you will have.

The Best Phone Sex Call Ever –  Read about one of the best phone sex calls ever and get tips for having your own best phone sex call ever.

Blindfold Domination Blindfold play is fun and sexy, as well as dangerously naughty, we know you and your Mistress will adore choosing the perfect blindfold and doing all kinds of new things while you wear it.

Ending your Phone Sex Call if it isn’t going as Planned Have you ever had a phone sex call where it just didn’t feel like you meshed or it just wasn’t going as you had planned?  These tips will help keep this from happening in the future.

How to Help your Phone Sex Partner Enjoy Herself tooOften times a client who calls a phone sex service will say to the phone sex operator, that he wants her to enjoy the call, as well.  Some phone sex calls are more enjoyable than others.  Learn what you can to do help ensure she enjoys it too.

The History of MasturbationMasturbation is talked about and accepted today, for the most part.  This wasn’t always the case.

How I got My Start in the Phone Sex IndustryOne question that women who are phone sex operators seem to get asked over and over again is, “How did you get your start in phone sex?”  One woman explains how she got started as a phone sex operator.

The Perfect Phone Sex Session for YouWhen you call a phone sex company for a session, the whole point is to enjoy yourself!  We know that and we want you to have a very best experience possible every time you talk to one of our Mistresses.

Getting the Most out of your Phone Sex Call Are you thinking about calling a phone sex service for the first time?  Have you called a service before and didn’t really get what you wanted from it but aren’t ready to throw in the towel just yet?  Or, maybe you’ve been a regular phone sex caller for a long time now but you’ve been having thoughts about new and exciting fetishes to explore but aren’t sure how to bring it up.

Phone Sex and Fantasy – When you Want to Talk about it, but would Never do it Have you ever been watching porn and find yourself turned on by something so naughty and kinky that you would never do it in real life?  Yet, somehow, the fantasy of doing just that is pretty exciting?  You’re not alone.

Why I Love being a Phone Sex Artist Teasing Temptress, Goddess Hannah, discusses all the reasons she loves being a phone sex artist.

Phone Sex for CouplesHave you ever thought about bringing your wife or girlfriend in on a fantasy phone sex call?  It may initially seem like a strange idea, but it can really ignite that spark in your relationship.  There are so many possibilities for kinky, fun threesome scenarios that won’t jeopardize your relationship.

Selecting a Phone Sex Mistress who is the Best fit for youThere are many phone sex Mistresses here at Voxerotic from sensual to strict and everything in between.  How do you know which one is the right one for you?

 Do you Like to be Spanked?There are many types of spanking from sensual to sadistic and many different spanking implements as well as naughty scenarios.  Learn more about spanking.

The Vox Erotic Phone Sex Fantasy PhilosophyIf you take phone fantasy – at its best – as seriously as we do, then I’m sure you will want to read our philosophy.  Let us show you phone fantasy – the Voxerotic way!

How to tell your Phone Sex Artist what you really WantMs. Tia takes you through the 5 steps to ensure you enjoy your phone sex call.

Double your Phone Sex FunHave you ever added a second Mistress to your phone sex call?  Two Mistress calls can really spice things up and add a variety of new scenarios to your phone sex call.

Who Calls Phone Sex?Have you ever wondered what type of people call phone sex lines?  People call phone sex lines for a variety of reasons, as Ms. Tanya discusses here.

New Toys to Spice up your Masturbation Routine – Looking for ways to make your current masturbation routine more exciting?  Try some of these toys!