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How to Have the Best Phone Sex Experience

I have been in the phone sex industry for many years now, so I do have some ideas on getting the most out of your phone sex call. These tips apply to you whether you’re a novice or a connoisseur of phone sex. Keep reading to find out how to have the best phone sex call ever!
First you’re going to want to find the perfect phone sex mistress. There are numerous phone sex sites out there and you’ll want to find one that is reputable, such as Vox Erotic. Once you’re there you will find quite a few phone sex entertainers, so you’re going to want to find a few that catch your eye and read their bios to see if they are what you’re looking for. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and would like some help picking out the perfect Lady for you, you can ask for help! Head to our erotic concierge service and we’ll be happy to help narrow down your choices.

Once you’ve found the perfect girl to call, get ready for the best phone sex session of your life!

You can pick up your phone and call any of our experienced phone entertainers with absolutely no preparation ahead of time, or you can drop us an email to describe your fantasy! Every Vox Erotic Mistress has an email, and the way to remember that email is very simple. It’s just our name! You can touch base one to one with the phone sex entertainer by email before or during your session.
If you have a phone sex fantasy that is very detailed then you will want to email the entertainer first. I only stress this because I don’t know how many times I’ve gotten calls and had to go over these things during the conversation when I could have received the information via email. In addition to helping make your call go smoothly, emailing with your Mistress can help reassure you that you’ve selected the best possible fit for your elite phone sex call.

Get ready for your call.

Once you’ve got the phone sex entertainer picked and you’ve either made contact with them or setup an appointment for a call then you will want to have a place to do your call without interruptions. There is nothing worse than to be in the middle of an erotic phone sex session only to be interrupted and have to end the call. Be sure to set some time aside when you know you’ll be alone without interruptions, because the only tease and delay for your orgasm should be on purpose.
Okay, so you’ve got the phone sex entertainer picked out and a place to relax and play. Next you’re going to want to get any toys together that you want to incorporate into your phone sex fantasy. This could vary greatly, from panties to dildos, cock rings to nipple clamps, etc. You might have quite a few toys to play with or you might have none. Lube or lotion always works great for your phone sex-capades when playing with toys to be inserted or doing a hardcore guided masturbation session.

The best phone sex experience is one phone call away.

Are you getting excited yet? You are well on your way to having an amazing phone sex session, there is just one last and very important thing to do. You must now pick up the phone and make contact. A bit of advice, if you’ve never called the company before or if you’re wanting to use a new credit card for your phone sex session then you will want to have your credit card on hand and be ready to give your information.
By the time you have your phone sex entertainer on the phone, you’ll be prepared for a truly mind blowing erotic experience. If you have not made previous contact and she has no idea what type of phone sex call you’re looking for then you it would be best to be as descriptive as possible. Let her know exactly what you’re looking for with specifics. Saying things like “I want to be dominated” or not saying anything at all will probably NOT get you what you want unless you have a very good phone sex entertainer that can draw your desires out. Be clear about whether or not you want domination phone sex or something a little less exotic.
Remember, phone sex entertainers are not mind readers so you should at the very least give some hints as to what you’re looking for. The more descriptive you are then the better phone sex call you will have.

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