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Using Blindfolds in Domination


Everything is dark as your Femdom Mistress guides you through what seems to be a maze of hallways and stairs. You trip and hear her laugh and wonder if she’s really just walking you around in circles, enjoying the fact that you are so completely blindfolded you can’t see anything that is going on. The problem is, you have no idea and that is just a little scary. Erotic and a total turn on, but also just a little bit scary. Blindfold domination mingles vulnerability with desire in such delightful ways!


If you can’t see, you are completely at her mercy. Will she walk you to somewhere dangerous or far away from what you know and leave you there? What if she pulls off the blind fold and you are in a room full of people watching and waiting for you to perform a sex show you know nothing about for them? The little shiver of fear and worry excites you even more and you know you chose the right woman to Dominate you. Or maybe she chose you and is just letting you think you had anything to do with it.

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Sex and Fear Hold Hands in the Dark


Blindfolds, when being dominated by a Phone Sex Mistress, can be used in a variety of ways, and it adds intrigue and mystery when you are wearing one. This is often one of the things that most draw lovers of the dark to being blindfolded. There’s a reason why horror movies always have sex in them, we love that combination. The taste of fear mixed with the sensual gets everyone a little bit hot. When you give up one of your senses and trust someone to guide you, it can be frightening.


Sensory deprivation is an extreme form of control and to some this is what being blind folded during sexual sessions means. Imagine your Mistress leaving you tied and blind folded, everything dark. You won’t know what room you are in or if you are alone. You start to wonder, what is my Mistress going to do? Will she tickle you? Any moment you could feel her fingers trailing up and down your body, surprising you with each touch. Will she spank you? If you’re left standing or even on your hands and knees, at any moment you could feel that hard smack of a paddle against your ass, shocking you into a scream she will laugh at you for doing. Or will she take you with a strap on? All lubed up and ready, you know it could happen at any moment, her strap on taking you by surprise. Any of these things and more could happen and she might have you alone or there could be an audience for the whole thing, you’re blind folded so you won’t know unless she shows you.


Some CBT or a Sensual Night of Teasing While Blindfolded

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For those of you that might be into the painful side of things, blindfolds are a nice accessory for your Mistress to use to bring that to an even higher and more intense level. Many Mistresses and subs agree that blindfold domination works nicely with CBT sessions, hot wax, ice, and all other forms of edge or pain play. You want to always make sure a safe word is established before getting involved with domination pain play, especially if you are blindfolded, safety allows you to relax and enjoy the session instead of worrying it will go too far. The not knowing what instrument she will use, where she will use it, and how much pain she will administer is exciting, intense, and erotic! Blindfolds are a great asset to domination play.


They can also make the sexy times even sexier. Blindfolds used in a sensual experience session are just as well loved as those used for darker more controlling reasons. Think about how hot it would be to have your Mistress, who always teases and torments you, decide to blindfold you before she starts. She can then and sensually tease you with her hands, and her fingers, even her lips and tongue or a small vibrator. You won’t know what your Mistress is going to do next and will have to just lie back as she takes feathers and tickles your body or runs a warm, hot, wet tongue over one of your nipples. Her soft voice whispering in your ear, hands stroking you, she fires up your imagination and your cock making you wonder what it is she will do next.


Blindfold play is fun and sexy, as well as dangerously naughty, we know you and your Mistress will adore choosing the perfect blindfold and doing all kinds of new things while you wear it. For fun role play scenarios with domination and blindfolds, call the Mistresses of Vox Erotic.


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