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Looking For Some New Sex Toys to Use on Your Next Phone Sex Call?


So you’ve heard about some guys who love to you use sex toys. Maybe you are one of them and are just looking for something new or perhaps you haven’t tried them before but always wanted to do so! You’ve hesitated though, because the sheer number of choices is confusing and you don’t know where to start. There are so many types and kinds of toys now that it can be overwhelming and even downright confusing.

Many of you are sex toy connoisseurs, using them all the time and having an arsenal of your favorites, but even you can get bored of the same old sex toys that you use on phone sex calls! So we want to help out all the new to toys and the guys who love them but need to find some new ones to play with to enhance your phone sex experience.


We Are Here to Help You Choose


Because we so amazing and nice *giggle* we’ve come up with a list of four of our favorite sex toys. We promise they will keep your sex life, on and off the phone sex calls, exciting and unique! Your Vox Erotic Mistress will be impressed, you’ll be excited and even your real life significant other might decide you are a genius for finding these. At the very least you’ll have some great new ideas! Here is the list of unique, erotic, and Mistress-approved sex toys for you to check out!


Sex Toys Galore


vox erotic, adult entertainment sex toys, sex toys for sessions 18+ erotic entertainmentWe’ll start with one of our favorites, The Fleshlight. On the outside, this looks almost like an innocent flashlight, but the inside is all about the suction. It is designed to mimic the feeling of the inside of either a vagina, mouth or anus. This toy can be tucked in between two pillows so that you can thrust into it, held in your hand for easy jacking or even used with a partner to really get the excitement going. It’s a great addition to a tease and denial or guided masturbation phone sex call, trust us!

Next is the Aneros Progasm. This is a great anal toy that allows perfect penetration and control for beginners who are looking for anal stimulation. It’s great for those of you who aren’t beginners too, because it’s easy to handle and take along with you anywhere. Designed for ultimate prostate stimulation, a hands-free masturbation anal orgasm is within reach with this sex toy. Perfect for anal lovers wanting to experience anal for the first or hundredth time on a phone sex call.

Third, we have the easiest to get of all four choices, The Hitachi Magic Wand. This is a hot and powerful vibrator disguised so well as a massager that you can buy it at your local big box store. But we know what it’s really good for – holding it up against your cock while you listen to us tell you all about what we want you to do. It has a very strong motor though, so hang on!

The fourth and final device we are recommending, is The Robospanker. Oh yes, it does exactly what you are stroking your cock and imagining it does! It automatically spanks you. With a flip of the switch, all you have to do is bend over and it spanks you just as your Mistress would if she were there. It can be purchased with a variety of different sex benches for you to bend over and kneel on. You can also forget about the benches and buy just the Robospanker and hook it to your bed or a chair. Then you just grab the remote and get position. Your Mistress will have lots of fun telling you when to turn the Robospanker on or off, based on her whims and desires and yours of course. *giggle* This naughty device is great for punishment and spanking phone sex calls or just to remind yourself that you really are a submissive slave.

So there are four great toys to use on your phone sex calls. If any of the sex toys sound like they are just what you need for that extra shot of arousal, why not grab one today? Enhance your pleasure during your phone sex session with a highly recommended sex toy! You can even ask your Mistress, she’ll know all about them and have some suggestions for you, no doubt about it.


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