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Strangers in The City:
Share Your Sexual Fantasies


The world rushed by, as it always seemed to when the subway was in motion. The world and walls, people and lives outside the windows were just a blur of dark and light. They mingled together into one blur that moved too quickly. That’s how it is sometimes, isn’t it? Especially when our sexual fantasies come out to play. How do we slow things down? Let me tell you how I did just that very thing.


It still seemed the subway was standing still while everything else passed me by. Logically, I knew I was moving. We all were. Hurtling through the underground tunnels on this bullet of a train. Even at that speed, it still seemed as though I was only sitting there, waiting for the movement to begin.


My Sexual Fantasies Come to Life


Share your sexual fantasies 18+ 1-800-356-6196aShe wasn’t moving either, but she seemed more alive than anyone else on this train. We were both leaving the offices buildings behind, heading into the heart of the city. There, we passed ritzy hotels and night clubs where parties and limos waited. They sat ready to take the wealthy folks and tourists through the acceptable areas of this metropolis.


Riding still, as I stared at her I wondered if she was a richie or a tourist? She might have even been a Femdom Mistress. Sitting there, her long dark-blonde hair fell into her face and over the shoulders of her black trench coat. I couldn’t see what she wore underneath, but her legs were crossed and the tops of her high heeled leather boots disappeared into the bottom of her coat. I assumed she was wearing a skirt, or maybe business attire.


Caught Being Naughty in Public


She was reading on an electronic device that was taking up all her attention. Or so I thought until she caught me staring. Her eyes lifted, meeting mine. A knowing look told me she had been feeling me staring at her the whole time. Suddenly I felt completely naked in front of her. She’d let me analyze and evaluate, wonder and question, knowing all the while I was there. Just she didn’t care.


But now she smiled. A sexy “come hither” smile and held my gaze until the train slowed. She stood up, still looking at me and dropped a hotel key in my lap as she passed. Her voice was soft and feminine, yet her words were a command for my appearance in that hotel room.


All she said to me was, “Twenty minutes.” Then she stepped off the train and disappeared into the crowd waiting in the station.




The Key… to What?




Hurrying after her, I still lost her. That key in my hand let me know where she had gone. Turning it over in my hand to see the name of the hotel, I ran up the stairs from the subway and onto the street. My destination was directly across from me. She disappeared through the doors just as I raced across the street.


Cock hard, guiding me, I was almost hit by a car in the process. Realizing twenty minutes had not yet passed, I tried to relax and take deep breaths. I wondered if she was going to just tease and deny me or if she really was going to allow me to fuck her.


Avoiding the front desk, I went straight to the elevators and hit the button for the sixth floor. Room 69. That seemed fitting and my cock twitched again, already aching for her lips on it. As I rode up in the elevator, I thought of at least fifty sexy, charming and witty things to say when I got to her room. However, none of them ended up being necessary.


The Reward for Patience –
and Being at the Right Place at the Right Time


As I turned the key in the lock it snapped open and I walked inside. The room was dim and soft music was playing. I didn’t know her name or I’d have called out to her. For a moment, my wife crossed my mind, but my attention was quickly back on the gorgeous blonde. Oh, and she was in lingerie standing in front of me.


“Take off your clothes” she said and then kissed me hard.


I stumbled back against the door and moaned. Excited, hard, and needing her, I could tell she wanted me too. It was our first time meeting, but we were both naked and fucking before the Do Not Disturb sign on the door handle had stopped swinging.


She was wild and any position seemed just as intense and perfect as the rest. It occurred to me at some point that the people in the room next to ours were probably listening and getting off on the obvious sounds we were both making. By the time she had me on my knees on the floor tasting her I had stopped thinking of anything or anyone.


Making My Way Home, Filled with Sexual Fantasies


Exhaustion eventually won out and we both passed out on the bed, spent. I guess she had woken up and left because when I woke up, she was gone. I crawled my way into my clothes and tried to look as if I hadn’t just spent hours fucking a woman I didn’t know. Riding down in the elevator and then hurrying across the lobby where I dropped off the key at the desk without pausing, I tried to imagine where to say I’d been.


It still hadn’t come to me when the taxi dropped me off at home. I opened the door and smiled. My gorgeous dark-blonde wife was there in her robe and slippers, hair still damp from the shower. Her black trench coat was tossed across the back of the chair.


“About time you woke up.” she said and smiled.

I love our sexual fantasies that lead to this fantastic role play life.


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