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Turned On by Erotic Voices


Are all men turned on by sexy, erotic voices? My guess is yes, but not every man chooses to call an Erotic Phone Mistress.


But here you are, in the middle of the night (or the middle of the day, hoping your boss won’t saunter by your desk) reading an essay on the erotic audio effect of a woman’s voice? Couldn’t you just as easily be on x-tube-fuck-fest-hub or some other free porn site?


You Want Something Different


Erotic voices 800-356-6196 18+ vox eroticBut you are not the run-of-the-mill masturbator. You’re not keen on a shrill voice screeching, “Yes! That’s it. Hell, yeah. Fuck me!” That doesn’t get you going. No, you’re the type of guy who prefers a more intimate experience, aren’t you?


Hear Your Name Whispered by Erotic Voices


Telephoning a phone sex line is the next best thing to an in-person encounter. In fact, in many ways it’s better. There’s no relationship bullshit. You don’t have to put up with drama. Then there are  none of those pesky legalities that plague the other kind of, shall we say, financially-based encounters.


Oh sure, the Internet is literally bulging (pun intended) with free sex videos, free sex audio recordings, free pictures, and free stories. However, none of those are personalized. You want to hear an erotic woman whispering your name? Perhaps her laughing at your (insert inches here)  penis is what you need. She could ask you, “Hey sissy, what color panties are you wearing right this moment?


You want your very own sexy voice participating in your fantasy. No one wants to watch the same video thousands of other men have watched as they’ve stroked their cock. You don’t either.


Real Voices Convey Real Emotion


It’s a false stereotype that all men want is a quick little pound and then be on their way. Men actually do want to feel something other than sensations on their cock. As a man, if you want a real connection and an anonymous video, audio, or story isn’t going to give you that. We, however, can.


In my years as an erotic Femdom Phone Mistress, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so, so many gentlemen. I’ve listened to their secrets and even shared a few of mine. Virtual friends have become real friends via phone sex.


There exists an intimacy in hearing a woman’s concern, her empathy, her acceptance. Whether you are sharing fantasies about cuckolding or foot worship or coerced-bi… there is nothing like it. It’s often we hear that you crave it.


Erotic Voices Make Your Cock Ache


I believe there is a voice out there for everyone. My voice is soft and sweet, with a slight Southern flavor. Some mistresses have a stern and demanding voice. Others sound young and innocent. You may like it soft and gently manipulative. Or you may like it loud and demanding. You may change your preference with your mood.


Men who love phone sex share one thing in common: the right voice makes their cock ridiculously hard. It’s almost as if his erotic phone Mistress’ voice caresses his hard on. She strokes it slow and gentle, or when necessary, grabs him by the balls and crushes them.


An erotic voice is more than a collection of sounds. It is an essential part of a man’s sexual fantasies. It provides him with a connection. An escape. It captures his attention and provides an erotic respite.


What Does Your Ideal Erotic Voice Sound Like?


Have you ever thought about your idea of the perfect erotic voice? Why don’t you take the opportunity to experience the wide variety of erotic voices here at LDW and find your favorite! You just might find that special woman who captures your attention like no other.


Needing to hear the erotic voice of a Phone Sex Mistress?

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