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Why are Men Afraid to Admit their Cocksucking Fantasies?


Ask any straight man whether he’s thought about sucking cock and the answer will be a very adamant and resounding “NO.” A little too adamant most of the time, if you ask me! I’ve been a Fantasy Phone Sex Mistress for several years and it seems no matter what fantasy guys originally call for, they all end up the same way. On their knees, begging to suck cock.


Please Mistress No… Don’t Make Me Suck His Dick


I hear this statement from my callers all the time. Some call and tell me at the beginning that they have cocksucking fantasies while others tell me they called for a completely different fantasy and find themselves begging to suck cock in the middle of it! Well, actually, it’s more like they beg me not to make them suck cock because they are too embarrassed, afraid, or ashamed to admit that they really *want* to suck cock. This is most definitely a case where No means Yes!


It always cracks me up that no matter how hard they try to convince me that they don’t want to suck cock, it always comes out in the middle of the fantasy when they get really turned on. A lot of times they will start out by saying, “I could never suck a real cock, but I could suck your strapon.” A few minutes into the fantasy it becomes “I’m not gay and don’t want to suck a man’s cock, but I wouldn’t mind sucking the cock of a gorgeous shemale.” Finally, it’s “I want to suck your boyfriend’s cock Mistress.” As I said, I’m never shocked by this revelation and take the fantasy and roll with it. When the erotic fantasy is over, though, the guys always feel the need to stress to me that they are *not* gay. That they’d never do anything like that in real life.


Coerced Cocksucking


What is coerced cocksucking? Coerced cocksucking is a fancy term invented by men who want to suck cock but can’t admit to anyone else, sometimes even themselves, that they want to suck cock. If they are coerced by a dominant Mistress into sucking cock, they don’t have to take responsibility for it being their own fantasy. It makes them feel better to protest, even if it is a half-hearted protest. After all, that lets them off the hook for worrying that they are gay. They *begged* Mistress to not have to suck cock but she made them do it anyway. They can’t seriously protest, after all, because she’s a powerful and dominant woman and it would not be good if they did not please Mistress.


Real Men Never Fantasize about Cock


Real men never fantasize about sucking cock! I find this statement hilarious considering that it’s quite likely that very nearly *every* man on the face of the planet has fantasized about sucking cock at least once- straight, gay, or otherwise! Men are far too insecure to admit something so taboo, even to themselves. They claim to be macho, but what is macho, really? Macho is insecurity in disguise.


News flash! Real men DO fantasize about sucking cock and aren’t afraid to admit it. Since not many men will actually admit it, does that mean that not very many *real* men exist?


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