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Why I Like Sexy Roleplaying


There are so many different types of sexy roleplaying fantasy sessions you can have with a Femdom Mistress, both on the phone and in real life. Many are simple and sensual, some are strict and demanding. Others can be creative, and still others nearly impossible to complete but well worth the added work to make them happen.


When it comes to choosing though, unless you have one specific thing you love it’s not easy. Well it’s not easy for me. Maybe some of you love to just wing it or can come up with something no matter what the situation. I’m not like that. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love stroking my cock and having a hot Mistress with me while I do it is even better. This works whether she is on the phone or not, but it doesn’t really engage any parts of me other than my cock.


I Can Be a Superhero


Being a guy, we do think mostly with our cocks, but not entirely. Some of us actually really love to play out our sexual roleplaying fantasies. I know for me, it’s exciting to imagine a special scenario just for my Mistress and I to play out. Something that we come up with together to make my stroking different or more exciting. In fact, I have a few reasons I really love role play fantasies and it’s not just because my Mistress sometimes lets me pretend I am a superhero, though that doesn’t suck. In fact, I guess that is one of the reasons. You can be anyone and do anything.


In a role play session, I can be the pretentious professor and flex my mental muscles (which I of course eventually pay for). Or I can be that superhero I mentioned and flex my physical muscles. Either way it’s exciting to let go of just being regular guy me and get to do or be someone else. I know that many guys argue it’s not real and they want to be appreciated or punished for who they really are! I can totally understand that, but it’s not what I like best.


Guiding Principles with Sexy Roleplaying


You know, it’s great to have a Femdom Mistress use my name and tell me I’m being punished for something I know I did, or tell me how to stroke my cock. When she has complete cock control over me, I go wild. When we are pretending, it doesn’t make it less exciting for me. If she is the sexy private investigator who hired me to check out her unfaithful husband and then rewards me for a job well done, awesome. Then she might allow me to stroke my cock per her instructions while she sits seductively on my desk and watches. How could that not excite you? 


Sexy role play, sexy roleplaying 18+ 1.800.356.6196It’s Always New and Exciting


One of the other reasons I love role play is you never run into the problem we men all have. We get bored. No matter how hot or nasty or sexy or loving or dirty any woman is, we will get bored eventually. It isn’t one of our more pleasant personality traits but it is a fact. When we find something that really gets us off, we do it and do it and do it to death.


We love to stroke and hear women say the same things over and over and it will get us off. Even though the orgasm feels so fucking good, one day, it just doesn’t quite do it. Oh, we still get off, but we aren’t enjoying it as much. So we move on to someone else and something else.


The great thing about role playing like cuckolding or being with a MILF is that boredom never happens.


Sexy Roleplaying Fantasies…


… are unique and creative for both me and the Phone Sex Mistress. Or at least I like to tell myself that she is enjoying it as much as I am. She does say she is, too. In fact, I’ve spoken to many Mistresses who are great at being really creative and making each fantasy special. That’s one of the reasons the intelligent women I talk to are so much fun. They keep me on my toes, coming up with something I’m not expecting or add a twist to one of my ideas that I didn’t even imagine.


This makes role play fantasy something that never gets old or boring. I can’t possibly get used to being a rock star or a slave on a Mistress planet where I am the only man. Maybe I will roleplay  being at sissy!


When I am in their world,  the Mistresses use me to make themselves happy or just for their entertainment. Oh, now that sounds like an exciting fantasy… just being used. I’m going to have to share it with my Femdom Mistress next time we talk.

So you see now why I love role play fantasies. Try it sometime, I bet you will too!


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