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Do You Like to be Spanked by a Mistress?


When was the last time you were spanked by a woman? Did that slap on your ass, the one that made the skin red, also make your cock hard? Is it that you know you are a bad subbie and you deserve it? Or is spanking sexy and sensual to you? Spanking can be punishment from your Mistress but it can also be a real turn on. This isn’t something understood by anyone who doesn’t have a spanking fetish, but if you do then you know how incredibly erotic it can be. Have you ever had an erotic spanking, or been spanked by a Mistress?


Spanking is erotic, but I know at least one of you are surprised I said that. The question is, are you shocked that anyone gets aroused by being spanked or surprised that you are not alone in loving it? Either way, spanking is a very popular fetish in the Dom/sub community and not at all what many think it is. In fact, while this fetish can be about punishment, it’s often just as frequently about control or just erotic touching.


What is a Spanking Fetish?


If you love to be spanked either as a discipline or just as part of a sensual role-play than you are very likely to be one of a large community of men who have a spanking fetish. While this fetish can go either way, you know your Mistress isn’t going to let you spank her (unless you catch us in the right mood), but we will happily spank you. Not just because we want to punish you or love inflicting pain, but because you love it too and that is the part that is often misunderstood about this fetish.


While many love to be spanked over their Mistress’ knee and told they are bad, like it is a punishment, but that is all part of the fetish and fantasy. Our Mistresses never force and when we are taking part in a session with a spanking fetishist they are enjoying it as much as we are. This is not something that is “bad” in the opinion of someone who loves being spanked. It is instead, just as sensual as a massage and as erotic as a woman doing a strip tease in front of them or engaging in some mutual masturbation.

For others who love this fetish, the humiliation is the excitement. Being spanked in public or in front of a group of other Mistresses or a wife who cuckolds them can be incredibly humiliating, even just in fantasy. Can you imagine being spanked in front of a group of hot girls or by your secretary at the office? Very humiliating and erotic! All these are different aspects of the spanking fetish.


What Do You Like To Be Spanked With?


18+ vox erotic spanked by phone 1-800-356-6196 18+The other very important part of the fetish for our spanking loving clients, is the implement they are spanked with! The first option is always an open hand. Your Mistress may use her bare hand or slip on a pair of sexy black silk or leather gloves and then spank you. This requires no toys or pre-planning, but instead only for her to instruct you to present yourself and enjoy the session.


Other times the spanking fetishist may be more turned on by a spanking with some kind of instrument. Paddles are a popular choice. These paddles may be made of leather or wood, sometimes even covered in a rough or furry fabric to change the texture of the paddle and the feeling of it slapping into your buttocks. For the more extreme spankees, there are cat o’ nine tails, flogging devices and there are a plethora of whips that are used to spank with, we’ve also been known to use a cane or stick in the right mood! Any of these can be used not just on your ass but on a variety of places you might be excited to be spanked. You can be spanked on your thighs, legs, chest, back and of course that cock and balls as well for you CBT lovers! If you have a specific location where you love to be spanked – just tell your Mistress, she might decide to spank you there or avoid it all together just to hear you beg!

If you want to share your spanking fetish with any of our Mistresses, do a fantasy role play or participate in spanking play over the phone – contact our Mistresses at Vox Erotic! Call today and explore your desires with us.