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Masturbation Taboos in Ancient Times


Do you partake in “self love” often? Is masturbation something you do on a regular basis? If yes, you are a modern man not laden with the guilt of ancient times. Back in the day, masturbation was not a thing to be messed with. Since May is masturbation month, it’s a good time to visit those days of “masturbation free” past and thank your lucky stars we are free to masturbate!


According to, masturbation was often vilified and seen as an abomination toward God. Why was it such a sin? Sex was seen as a means of reproducing, and not to really have “fun” – so if you were engaging in the act of self-pleasure, you were not benefiting the tribe, or society, by “wasting your seed” and not contributing to the population. Back in ancient times, population was scare, death rate was high and it was vital to reproduce as much as possible for the survival of the tribe through means of helping with the farm, and adding to the population of the tribe.


According to Medieval Christians, masturbating was “sinning against nature”, and strokers were condemned to the lowest level of hell. Since masturbation was “so unnatural”, it could only be absolved by bishops and their lieutenants. That’s some serious absolving for a bit of “stroking the bishop”!


Then, over the centuries, the superstition became out of control with claims that masturbation led to blindness, insanity and all types of illnesses.  Such wild superstitions led to panic, and for others to lock themselves up in chastity.


Well, it’s time to celebrate your freedom of masturbation, and let yourself have some fun in your favorite pass time! Call the ladies of, and enjoy having phone sex by masturbating!