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I know it is like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack, trying to discover that woman who IS the living, breathing epitome of Womanhood Supreme - and you've never thought it possible that she could be actually real, you will never find her, she doesn't exist. Well... Stop! Your search has come to an end.

I am Empress EmmaJane, and I am the woman who possesses every ideal trait you seek: breathtaking beauty, exceptional intelligence, voluptuous body, sultry voice, keen sense of humor, wild imagination, smoldering passion... The list is endless, and you will quickly become enthralled with my captivating wit and charm. Undoubtedly, you will find yourself questioning how it could be possible that you've found the embodiment of the woman you have thus far encountered only in your richest fantasies. Be careful of what you wish for! Once I take hold of your mind, body, and soul, there is no turning back...

Your time with me will be both an adventure and a learning experience, as I allow you the honor of experiencing the many mesmerizing sides of EmmaJane. One minute you will be enveloped within my soft, sensual, soothing, and gentle charm; the next minute I may have you trapped in my haughty, demanding, and aggressive grasp. Regardless of my immediate demeanor, I will fully engage you in a hypnotic dance of seduction, and I will keep you on your toes - and tease your hard, aching manhood until it is standing proudly at full mast. You will never know what to expect next, and I know how that excites you - especially when I take hold of your fantasy or fetish and take you on a hair-and cock-raising journey as I weave the scenario of your dreams.

Your adventure with me will be a roller coaster ride of ecstasy, whether I am dominating you with provocative sensuality, dressing you like a pretty girly boy, instructing you on how I want you to handle your twitching cock - or not, or taking you to the edge of release then denying you the privilege to cum. The utter, all-consuming eroticism you experience when I laugh and humiliate your itty bitty dicklet, transform you into a pathetic cuckold, or force you to manipulate my strap-on with your drooling mouth will leave you wanting only one thing: more. One thing is an absolute given when you are with me: Complete, rapturous fulfillment - regardless of your particular fetish or fantasy- is at your fingertips. I know the prospect of being given more than you ever thought could be possible is leaving you breathless and with your head spinning. Stop for a moment. Count to ten. Take a deep breath. You have only one option, and all you need to do now is dial those numbers. My paradise awaits you...

Let Us Recommend a Perfect Phone Companion – Click Here and we will recommend a phone fantasy specialist
to fulfill your desires


When you call the number above, an erotic fantasy specialist will ask you some questions so that she can determine which of our phone fantasy providers is ideal to fulfill YOUR desires.

We try to eliminate the “hit or miss” element that you may have encountered when calling other services that randomly connect you with the “next available operator.” We provide you with many resources to make sure that you’re connected with the perfect phone fantasy partner:

  • photos, so you may select the look that turns you on
  • voice samples
  • written “bios”, which each fantasy artist writes herself
  • Instant Messages, free Chat Room, and email addresses of each of our ladies, so you can communicate with them prior to your call if you wish
  • highly trained erotic fantasy specialists, who’ll answer your initial inquiry when you dial 800-356-6196, and help you select the perfect phone fantasy partner


We aim to be the premiere phone service for the intelligent phone fantasy connoisseur.

If we connect you with one of our ladies and you determine in the first few minutes that things just aren’t “clicking,” politely end the call and call back into “The Main Office” at 800-356-6196, and we’ll recommend an alternative. You won’t be charged for the first call, as long as it was under 3 minutes (and as long as you didn’t “complete” your call in under three minutes, if you know what we mean!).

At Vox Erotic, your satisfaction is our highest priority.


Who you are:

You’re a discerning fantasist. You’re a professional with many
responsibilities, an image to maintain, and you seek a strong,
intelligent,creative woman to build a fantasy world of words and sounds around you for a delicious, luxurious period of time; a sensual, creative, arousing fantasy landscape in which you can lose yourself, escape the day, release the stresses that make your muscles tense, your mind race.

Perhaps you’re looking for fetish phone sex.

Perhaps you are not yet sure what you seek, and you would love to find a woman who can offer you a buffet of arousing erotic choices.You seek a partner in exploration, a Mistress, a strong, wise and knowledgeable lover, a temptress to entice you, to guide you through the dark corners, back alleys, secret rooms and deep recesses of this irresistible land of fantasy.


Roleplay Hardcore Domme
Sensual Domination Sexual Manipulation and Mind-Sex
Ultimate CockControl Coerced Bisexuality
Erotic Online Chat Wild Imagination
Teasing and Denial Feminization Phone Sex
Humiliation Phone Sex Orgasm Denial
Cuckold Phone Sex Domination Phone Sex
Sissies Gender Play
Power Exchange Mesmerizing Voice


Who We Are:

We are the women you seek to accompany you on this journey of erotic
fantasy. We are intelligent and creative, superior yet approachable,
titillating raconteurs, ‘massage therapists’ who use words and thoughts and imagination instead of hands to relieve and release the tension from your mind and body. We are exotic advisors, confidantes, experts in the art of physical, mental, intellectual and sexual arousal and fulfillment.

We enjoy many various aspects of female superior fantasy, including but certainly not limited to sensual power exchange, teasing and denial, feminization, and other gender play, all aspects and levels of domination from sensual to severe, humiliation, goddess worship, fetishism, erotic roleplay etc.

We are also familiar with many types of fetish phone sex.

We offer an escape into the world that tempts and taunts and beckons you throughout the day. During our time together, the world of your fantasies becomes vivid reality.


How To Begin your Erotic Exploration:

If you prefer to do so, we encourage you to contact us via email prior to
your session, time permitting, so that we may have the opportunity to
become familiar with your fantasies prior to your session, have some time to give thought to the direction in which we’ll take you, and determine which fantasy artist would be the best fit for you – we all have different interests, tastes and talents, so if we feel, based on what you’ve told us about your desires, that another of our ladies might be a more appropriate match for you, we will let you know, and you may contact her. This is not required, of course – all are welcome to call without communicating before the session. But in our experience, this is a good way to ensure that our callers have the best experience possible with our service.

Please refer to the bios of our fantasy artists listed on this site by
clicking on the photos, or select the site below which appears to most closely match your own interests. Or, visit them all. You may find a new pleasure to explore.

And there’s nothing wrong with new pleasure…


Call Us Toll Free at 800-356-6196

(2.75 per minute, billed to your major credit card)

Calls are 2.75 per minute with a minimum of 10 minutes. Calls may be billed to your Visa/MC/Amex or Discover.

All of the numbers on our site are toll free numbers. Unless you have requested through your phone company to have toll free calls itemized on your bill, your call will not appear anywhere on your phone bill. The charge for your call will appear discretely on your credit card statement as “LDW Group”. Please read our “Terms” section for more on our privacy policy.

Please email ally@ voxerotic (remove the space) with any questions about our service.

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wife or girlfriend (fantasy or reality) satisfied in any way possible. Perhaps you know that, no matter what you have to
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